Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Overheard in Buses #1: Teenage Bullies Attack

The bus is packed and at least 20 of us are standing in the aisle. A teenage couple is standing near the door, shooting dirty looks about. A man in his 50s, balding, fat and wearing glasses, is standing nearby.

Boy to Man: What are you looking at?

Man, taken aback: What? You mean me?

Girl: Yeah, you, what are are looking at? Are you looking at us?

Man, flabbergasted: What? I wasn't looking at you.

Girl: See this bus, it's full of windows for you to look out. So look out there, don't look at us.

Boy: Yeah, stop looking at us.

Man, looking nervous: Listen, I wasn't looking at you. I wasn't.

Boy and girl share the triumphant glance of successful bullies. I resolve to speak up at the next exchange, but the man turns his back on the kids and spends the rest of the bus ride trying his hardest not to look at them. I spend the rest of the ride wondering why a grown man allowed two children 40 years younger than he to bully him, and why I allowed it to happen.

Monday, January 26, 2009

True writer's block

I've hit another blogging drought. I have lots to write about, but a certain reticence to put it here. It's all so raw, and some of it is just not pretty, and lots of it is not happy.

I am generally a very happy person, and I am happy right now in my life, but my writing is always a little darker than who I am. I think I need a fresh start for this Year of the Ox.

I will soon start two new series of posts; one is called "Overheard in Buses," which is inspired by the amazing "Overheard in Cabs" by NWT blogger Mongoose over at Trucks and the City.

The second series will be called "Journalism Heroes," looking at some famous and obscure reporters I admire, and why.

So stick around -- there's more than pictures of adorable Navy brats and me in my PJs on this site, I promise.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas in the infirmary... I mean our house

So A. and I were sick Christmas Day, and Hubby and Big I. were sick just before New Year's. And that's why I haven't posted Christmas pictures.

So here are a few for you to enjoy, at the end of the Christmas season.

More Christmas pics

Even more Christmas pictures

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy birthday, Super A.!

Super A. is seven years old. SEVEN.

I've been a mother for seven years. Wow.

Happy birthday, my awesome big dude!